4K/HD/SD IP & NDI®-Enabled Automated Playout and Graphics with Streaming

Easy OnAir is an easy-to-use single or multi-channel playout automation solution, available in SD, HD, 4K, IP and NDI. It is a universally stable platform that gives you a 24/7 on-air application working as a standalone playout channel or in a fully automated workflow via Easy Net Controller, Easy MAM, Easy QC and Easy Playlist Editor. A fully integrated CG makes it an even more robust solution for the broadcast, media & entertainment industry.

Easy NRCS Newsroom System

Access all journalist's tools from a single and centralized interface

Complete and advanced news rundown management Solution which allows broadcasters to design rundowns within their newsroom system populate the rundown with all the various media assets that are necessary for their show, and export that rundown to an advanced live news production automation tool which delivers real-time stories to the audience.



Easy CG is a comprehensive software package that enables TV channels to display their graphics instantly on air without compromise in quality or flexibility. It is perfectly designed for news, weather reports, business and music channels or for any other operation that wants to brand their channel with easy, fast and eye-catching graphics. Character Generator Plus gives you additional features that further enhance the capabilities of the system.


Multi-Channel Multi-Format Ingest 4K/HD/SD SDI & NDI & IP

Easy Ingest is a versatile and powerful ingest software allowing multi-channel, multi-format 4K/HD/SD SDI & IP & NDI ingest. Easy Ingest is designed to streamline your broadcasting process with capabilities including proxy generation, overlay, actions, IP streaming, TCP commands, and more. With a focus on broadcast quality playback and long-term operational stability, Easy Ingest excels in supporting a wide array of formats. It offers an instant response, frame-accurate operation, and impeccable reliability, supporting broadcast formats XDCAM, XAVC, DNXHD, MPEG-2-4, and more up to 4K/UHD resolutions, SDI, IP, and NDI input supports.


Turns EMS products into enhanced automated solutions

Easy Net Control is the software that manages, controls and automates all the processes and modules from the Easy Media Suite package, bringing them all together. Through it you can remotely control and manage single or multiple channels easily and efficiently. The market needs and requires a fully automated system in order to maximize its resources and protect its investment. In the cases of any emergencies the system is constantly monitoring the processes and emailing you of any emergency changes in status.


Media Asset Manager and Archiving Solution

Easy MAM is an affordable and scalable solution that provides all the necessary tools to help users manage, organize and specify all of their files. It has ben created to eliminate time consuming and other diffuculties. All companies which have digital database with full of assets such as video, documentary, audio etc. have difficulties to find the asset they need, Easy MAM provides an easy search tool and as well as the management for whole processes from ingest to archive. Easy MAM is developed to fully integrate with all EMS solutions, which makes the transcoding process, quality checks, channel branding, and managing assets only a few clicks away. Easy MAM is a powerful media asset management platform which provides an online proxy library of digital content via rich collaboration tools while managing native resolution content in storage and archive. Due to series of bestin-breed integrations, Easy MAM can provide whole integrated media workflows. Easy MAM systems ensure an immensely wide range of business project from small workgroups to large enterprise installations.


Plan, prepare and schedule a Playlist, with EPG data, QC, Gap Filler and Fixed Items.

Easy Playlist Editor is a user-friendly software that helps operators quickly plan and create single or multiple playlists. It fully integrates with the EMS Automation (Easy Net Control, Easy MAM and Easy QC) which makes the process of going on air fast, professional and totally automated. Scheduled playlists can be prepared to meet the many different criteria and parameters that the customers need and is fully integrated with Easy MAM and Easy Traffic making changes totally seamless.


Monitor and analyze multiple sources with alert, log and action.

Easy IP Multiviewer allows users to monitor, analyze and control of multiple program transport streams (MPTS) or single program transport streams (SPTS). Beside IP source, SDI, HDMI, DVB-S and DVB-T, DVB-C sources can be mixed. It detects freeze and black at video contents, silence and loudness control at audio content. PID lost, service lost and input source lost can be detected in an easy way. EMS IP Multiviewer alerts, reports and logs all the users immediately, when any problem is appeared.


Encode HD/SD SDI, HDMI and Analogue sources to Point to point or media server as Unicast or Multicast, HLS, DVB MPEGTS compatible with SCTE-35.

Professional broadcast encoder, Live streaming solution to encode for broadcast IP multiplexers, IP Decoders. HD/SD Mpeg2, HD/SD H264 UDP or RTP output needed, beside professional CBR output, it provides RTMP streaming output to media servers or CDNs, Easy Encoder helps you to get a standard Encoder facilities.


Records IP sources directly as stream, to re-stream or to use in any production requirements.

Easy IP Recorder is an application that records a video audio stream to a drive directly in its original stream format. It supports MPEG Transport Stream. From a single program transport stream, or UDP, RTP, RTMP, dump as MPG or TS. Simple server can record multiple IP source simultaneously.


QC Checks files are qualified or not for broadcasting before playing out to air.

File based playout is something very simple and easy, but the disadvantages of it is that most of the files are coming from different sources, places and etc. and there is no guarantee for the quality. EMS users face this almost every day and therefore we decide to design a tool that will prevent such kind of problems. EMS QC is easy to install and use Windows based application.


Audio Video Delay Software with Live Censorship

Live Content protection software is digital video and audio delay software for easily eliminating all unwanted content from your live broadcasts or webcasts. Preview input and delayed output with timecode information, insurance solution of your live contents. Easy Cleaner is a software program which provides broadcast according to censorship policies. Easy Cleaner protects against broadcasting of inconvenient, sensitive, harmful, indecent language etc. Videos and audios. Easy Cleaner Program is used by broadcasters or production studios due to following actions; • Blurring the scenes or inserting selected a clip • Audio masking of indecent language (by inserting beep, mute or another selected clips audio) Easy Cleaner is a reliable and user friendly Live Censorship and Time Delay Platform. It ensures to fast edit or replace or quickly insert clips or mute and beep. Easy Cleaner includes the following key capabilities: • Variable time delay • Quickly perform deletions, insertions and replacements for live and recorded video • Easily mute and beep audio with relevant(their) functions


Easy Transcoder is a server-based transcode service.

Easy Transcoder is a server-based transcode service. Easy Transcoder adds the media files to the queues by following the source files which are defined previously. Transferring of the media files can be done by manually or automatically. Easy Transcoder makes workload distribution between trancode servers automatically. In case of necessary, in one transcode server can process more than one transcodes simultaneously. The architectural structure supports installation on a single server or on multiple servers.


SRT Sender TX and SRT Receiver RX, Bring the best-quality live video over even the most unpredictable networks.

SECURE RELIABLE TRANSPORT High-quality, low-latency, and secure live videos. SRT is one of the emerging technologies that support near-real-time delivery to decrease the latency in the media operations. SRT is an open source video transport protocol and technology stack that optimizes video streaming performance across unpredictable networks. With secure streams and simplified firewall traversal, SRT delivers the best quality video over the worst networks.​It is media-agnostic and provides a wrapper around streaming content such as H.264 and other leading codecs. The SRT protocol and technology stack allows for the delivery of two-way, interactive video from anywhere with an internet connection. It focuses on performance, reliability, and security for video over IP and enables real-time IP communications as fast as User Datagram Protocol (UDP), but with the reliability of Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Ideal for high-performance video between facilities on private networks and over the internet, SRT supports Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and provides low-latency transmission over bandwidth-limited, unpredictable, or unstable networks.


Streaming to social networks or custom RTMP Server

Live Stream Anywhere and Everywhere Powerful Live Video Broadcasting Platform Stream Live to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and other popular platforms simultaneously using EASY CDN.