Easy Studio Production Video Server

Automated, Standalone Multichannel Production Playout Solution SD, HD, and 4K, with Automated Graphics Dynamic Data.

Effortlessly manage your multichannel playout in SD, HD, and 4K with this fully automated, standalone video server solution and integrated, automated dynamic data graphics.

EMS Content Monetization

EMS Content Monetization and Ads Insertion Solution: Empowering Broadcasters and Advertisers with Unparalleled Power and Flexibility

Easy Media Suite Ads Insertion Solution is meticulously designed to address the requirements of free ad-supported TV services (FAST), OTT platforms, VOD services, television broadcasts, IP TV platforms, and teleports. It presents a fluid and efficient avenue for delivering targeted advertisements to audiences.

EMS Movie Channel

EMS was inspired and driven by Movie Channel customers to design and manufacture a solution that satisfied all their specific needs.

EMS provides the tools that make the workflow operate in an efficient and professional automated process, checking the quality of the files, movie rights and the management of parental protection. With EMS Movie Channel Traffic and MAM products, inserting files and monitoring the channel is a totally automated and fully redundant process. The major Issue for them was to have the ability to broadcast in multiple languages, the EMS Movie Channel Solution provided this in a fast, automated and reliable application. Other specific requirements that are common for every Movie Channel worldwide, are DVB Subtitle and Multi Audio Stream Services. To provide these necessities EMS supports any language, Integrated Graphic Overlays, Logos, and Parental Protection Signs.

EMS Media Monitoring

In the fast moving and innovative environment of Social Media, every TV Channel, irrespective of whether they are Local, Regional, National or Global News need to be monitored and analyzed.

EMS offers the Media Monitoring Companies a reliable and adjustable platform that gives them the opportunity to quickly reach every TV channel, for the guidance required from their customers covered by Social Media. EMS gives them an automated solution, without any additional integration, ready to meet the needs of their customers. EMS Media Monitoring Solution monitors and analyzes every Channel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. EMS provides a totally automated process by capturing the signal in low and high resolution and sending it directly to the MAM. All the media and metadata is stored automatically so the user can easily find everything they need. Through the EMS MAM clients and editors can browse and search for all the material they need - Confirming No Changes.

Compliance Recording

Compliance Recording is a compulsory application for every TV channel. The EMS Compliance Recorder has made this an easy and automated process, it doesn’t have any limitations with the number of channels that need to be recorded.

EMS Compliance Recorder is designed to comply with the FCC regulatory requirements, and can be changed depending on the country that it is being used in. Users receive from EMS a high quality broadcast system with both multiple audio track support and multi-language support. A powerful application with fast access and retrieval of recorded content and ingest of any type of the feed.

EMS IP MultiViewer

Easy IP MultiViewer is a solution that lets users view and control multiple transport streams from a single desktop, allowing them to view any common IP source, SDI, DVB-S, DVB-T, and DVB-C.

These sources can be monitored depending on the individual particular requirements. The quality of the picture and the flexibility of the product enable you to see exactly what is going on air. EMS IP MultiViewer will detect black and freeze frames in the video content and loss of audio or loudness in the audio content. Loss of PID, Input Source or Service can be easily detected. EMS IP MultiViewer immediately alerts, and sends reports and logs to all the operators when any problems arise.

EMS Music Channel

Easy Media Suite Products have the most powerful packages that enable you to build your Music TV Station with more flexibility, and at the same time giving you a cost effective solution.

Music channels need to create playlists quickly and be capable of automatically sending them with the minimum of effort. With the EMS Music Channel you can design your Playlist to your own special needs, easily adding graphics to display Logos, music charts, now and next events with rolls or scrolls. Creating playlists has never been easier entering files, scheduling, categorizing singers and songs, dropping in commercials and creating logs all at the touch of a button. EMS gives you the power to provide a professional look to your channel.

Easy Catch Up TV

Thinking beyond the scheduled time.

Thinking beyond the scheduled time. Start curating and creating your own viewing schedules.

EMS VideoWall Processor

Videowall processor with integrated live graphics. High output resolution quality, and aspect ratio problems has solved with a user friendly user interface.

EMS Videowall provides multiple inputs and multiple outputs with high quality in a easy, robust, stable and flexible way. EMS videowall can be cofigured as Analogue/HDMI/SDI UHD/HD/SD and output also can be configured as 8-16-32-48 HD HDMI/DVI-D/DP outputs and more.

EMS Playout Center

EMS has developed this unique application specifically designed for controlling a Playout Center, Uplink and Telecom providers.

It consists of high quality Playout (Easy OnAir) with integrated Graphics (Easy CG) and is totally automated via Net Controller. TV Channels can control their content remotely without any disturbance in the main Playout through the Easy Playlist Editor. Easy Quality Check is constantly checking all the files which gives an additional security that everything going on air will be to the highest standard. In addition, Easy Ingest completes the workflow, it captures all the programs so they can be provided to meet the compliance regulations for different countries. These can be set for 30, 60 or 90 days.

EMS Channel in a Box

Easy CIAB (channel in a box) incorporates all the EMS Products into a single integrated Solution available in both SD and HD that allows you to go on-air with only one workstation.

You can simply and simultaneously play, ingest and brand your channel 24/7 with the reliability and quality expected in today’s demanding market and at a more cost effective price. What makes EMS CIAB different? ◦ Better Quality, Less Investment ◦ Better Features, Less Problems “Easy to Use” ◦ Better Automation, Less Hardware ◦ Better Functionality, Less Applications ◦ Better Codec Resolutions, Audio Samples, and Aspect Ratios, Less Playlist Problems What other features sets us apart from the rest. . ◦ A Fully Integrated “Channel in a Box” (CIAB) Solution. ◦ Operates from a Single Server ◦ Interactive CG, Channel Branding ◦ Ingest, Transcode and Playout Facilities. ◦ Graphic Creation, Display and Control. ◦ View and Control Multiple Remote Systems from a Single Desktop. ◦ Raid Protected Storage and Redundant PSUs

EMS Time Shift

For the need to delay a video with no loss in quality or reliability EMS has the ideal solution.

Because TV channels are often broadcasting in different time zones it’s critical that accurate and high quality distribution of content can be achieved when a time delay of the content is required. EMS has a dedicated product to fulfil the exacting needs of Broadcasters, Satellite Teleports, Telecoms and TV Networks with advanced features for providing content delivery exactly when you need it. Audio and video being processed in their native form without any modification. A user definable delay (10 seconds to several days) can be added whilst still maintaining the ability to brand the channel with the station Logo and graphics. Adding a greater degree of flexibility EMS has the additional benefit of Ad-Insertion in the same box, this makes it an even more powerful and cost effective solution. Hot Swappable dual redundant power supplies and raid protected storage give a greater level of reliability.

EMS Sport Channel

What is the most important for every owner of a Sport Channel?

They work in real time environment, which makes the requirements to CG System very strict and they are always: easy to use, interactive, flexible, fast and comprehensive. Easy CG graphics gives : - Real Time Graphics - Perfecly designed for OB vans operators - Analyzes for the Sport Game - Video Playback and Live( pls check our Playout – Easy on Air) - Ready templates for Basketball, Football and any other sport, that you require - Fully automated Process via Easy on Air and Easy Net Control

EMS Weather Channel

EMS Helps The Weather Channel Improve Efficiency and Flexibility

Exclusive weather display Sunrise, Sunset and many more. Special Graphical Version to Display Weather.

EMS News Channel

News Channel

News Channels has been always about high quality Video, Graphics in real time and Storytelling. Journalists can provide their graphics and stories and through our tools it can be sent to the main Payout. What we have: -Master Control Room Automation - Ready templates -Mos Portocol - Connection with the post Production - Live Control - Social Media Interaction

EMS Interactive TV

Interactive TV applications, Game TV, televoting and more scenarios can be created

Dynamic Playlist and Graphics Control via Easy OnAir Playout and Easy CG, Character Generator applications. - Switches in and Out of Live Feeds - SMS Messages Visualised on Interactive Graphic Templates - Live Update of Data from SMS - File and Playlist Delivery via a Standard Internet Connection - Data Monitoring Facility

NDI® Technology

Design next-generation IP workflows simplify operations and deliver flexible scaling of services focusing on quality and stability

EMS Helps customers transition to NDI infrastructures to enable flexible, scalable, smart, and easy workflows.

Easy EMS Web Portal

Connect anywhere manage everything

Connect b anywhere manage everything

Easy Cloud Channel

Manage and operate channels over the cloud

Manage and operate channels over the cloud